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Howdy! I’m so glad you stopped by!

I live in a small town outside of Gresham, OR called Damascus. I love it here. It’s just enough country to call it that and only 8 minutes to get into town! I am a wife, a mother of two, a daughter of a King, a peacemaker, a smoothie lover, a sun worshiper, a retired volleyball player (bad knees, but I still play on the inside), I prefer Maui beach over the Oregon beach, a flip flop wearer, a soccer / volleyball- mom, americano with steamed coconut milk, a horse rider, and a dreamer through and through.  I love life and living it through images is such a joy to me!  Photography is a passion that I have had since High School and that passion grows in me every day!   My nickname is AJ (maiden name Johnson) I’ve been called AJ all my life. My husbands name is Jay. Hence..Photography by AJay was born.

  • I bite the insides of my cheeks.
  • I am a believer in God and worshipper of Christ.
  • I love the sun bleached streaks in my daughter’s hair. I just pay for mine.
  • Flips flops over high heels.  But lately I think things are changing…  High heels over flip flops.
  • Chocolate chip mint is my favorite flavor…in just about anything sweet. IE: Coffee, ice cream, cake, brownies… shall I go on???
  • Smoothies, green ones at that, is a daily food group. I’m very interested in Whole Foods and Whole Living.
  • I could own stock in Starbucks. (Don’t tell my husband.)
  • Pet peeves : stepping in water with socks on, loud chewers, and those who talk with their mouth full.
  • Lately I’ve been really interested in a healthy diet.  Ever heard of the GAPS diet?  I’m on it and never felt better! Full of the good fats we Americans are lacking.
  • Puppies and kittens melt me.
  • Volleyball is the best sport ever invented!!! (Beach, indoor, grass it doesn’t matter.)
  • I twist my hair …it’s a habit. I can’t stop. Someday I will.
  • Our family squeezes the best apple cider. We call it “OxenCider!” 450+ gallons at one squeezing. Come over and get some! We share.
  • There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to be laying on the beach with sweat tea, fashion magazine, sunglass and my camera of course!  Tan me!
  • I took horse lessons, only to find that my 4yr old wanted to as well. She’s amazing and still rides!!  She is smitten and so am I.
  • Oregon = Rain Me= :( California/Hawaii/Texas =Sun Me= :)
  • I live in my workout/yoga outfits. Hey, it’s comfortable.
  • Sun dried sheets are the best.
  • I’m the peacemaker in the family.
  • I smile a lot. My son inherited this trait.  He smiles even running to 1st base.
  • I love all things APPLE..Imac, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and apple cider.
  • German Shepards have to be the smartest dogs ever! Yep, we have one.
  • Little baby giggles are super contagious!
  • I have a love of Dr. Pepper chapstick.  I love Dr. Pepper anything!